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Huni create innovative products designed to improve and simplify home living.

Huni specialises in household, outdoor, and professional innovations that are within the reach of everyone. They provide products to common household problems and seek products which are simple, functional, and effective.

What we did

Website Design, Logo Creation, Digital Artwork, Content Creation



Huni is the housing brand for multiple brands, including Sonic Scrubber, Limey and Lid Lover. These brands are sold throughout the UK's leading homeware suppliers, so we needed to ensure the logo and website design reflected this standing out from the crowd of the other competition. Our objectives were:

  • Create a friendly yet professional logo
  • Ensure the website UX complies with the branding guidelines
  • Create an engaging website design and UX which displays the products in the best light
  • Convey the brand’s innovative products
  • Create Digital Artwork for imagery within the website

We needed to create a solution which reflected the look, feel and what the brand stood for. This required close communication with the client throughout the project.

We worked closely with Huni throughout the project, delivering a high-end website design which focussed on conveying the Huni brand to its target audience. The template also encompasses sections of each sub-brand, displaying in detail what each product is and how it works.

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