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We Deliver High Converting PPC Campaigns

Google, Google Shopping and Bing Adwords is the quickest way to gain instant results. It's not just Google and Bing which offer PPC however, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all offer pay per click advertising also. With PPC you're able to reach a wide audience on both search engines and websites, through any device at any time of day. To gain your advantage above your competition with Google Adwords and Bing Adwords you need to be constantly changing and evolving almost every aspect of your campaign. Vantage can give your company the edge when it comes to PPC, we have the right qualified people, and a proven track record that our strategy and approach works.

The Vantage Pay Per Click specialists focus on maximising your ROI through a well structured PPC campaign. Throughout the whole process we ensure all our activity is carefully noted and monitored, all work we carry out on your PPC campaign is based on careful research to deliver your campaign's goals and objectives.


In-Depth Research & Analysis Is The Key to Our PPC Campaigns Successes

The clicks are the easy part, the conversions are the hard part. Our experts deliver results based on a spectrum of research and analytical data, based on varying areas. With the right research we're able to deliver your business's PPC campaign optimal results, this will not only increase your brand's exposure, increase sales and leads but also with ongoing monitoring your CPC is kept optimal also. This ensures you're not throwing money down the drain on each click.
We ensure a number of factors are accounted for within your campaign, to fully optimise your PPC campaign for the best results, the campaign requires constant tweaking, split A/B testing and ensuring metrics are all tested and re-tested. This way we're able to know what works and doesn't work, which ensures your campaign gets the best possible results without any costs slipping through the cracks.

Pay Per Click Solutions

We've got the qualified team of specialists to help make your PPC campaign successful. We're focussed on maximising your spend and ROI, while meeting your campaign's overall goals and objectives. With each of our PPC campaigns you get:

  • Qualified PPC Specialists
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Maximum Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Monthly Analytical Feedback
  • On Hand Specialist For Any Questions
  • Full Transparency Over Your Payments
  • Protection Over Your Paid Investment

Digital Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Management, Websites (e-commerce), Pay Pay Click Strategy, Hosting and Content Optimisation. We also offer ongoing marketing optimisation services which increase brand awareness, sales and revenue providing your business with ongoing digital marketing and ensuring lifetime value.

Social Media
Content Optimisation

We work with some great brands

Over the years we've worked with some great brands in helping them to achieve their digital goals.