How Important is Google Shopping for E-commerce Stores in 2019?

The last couple of years has seen a huge trend in Google Shopping ads. These are the ads you’ll see displayed at the top of the search listing related to your search. Launched in 2010, Google Shopping has grown each year and is showing no sign of slowing down.

As we head into 2019, we approach the busy season for many online retailers. With Christmas approaching this means all retailers are on the attack when it comes to marketing and this year we’re seeing a spike in Google Shopping campaigns where retailers are competing to get the top spots in Google.

Google Shopping

Why Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is an e-commerce retailers no brainer, Google Shopping helps e-commerce stores stand out from the crowd by displaying their physical product images in the search results directly to potential customers, a bit like window shopping. This is the perfect way to engage and entice the user to click on your product, with the credibility of Google behind the listing it also helps see much higher conversion rates than standard PPC.

With Google Shopping you still manage the campaign and ads via Google AdWords, however the rest of the process differs to that of a standard AdWords PPC Campaign. Depending on your setup, you’ll either manually link your products to your campaign, or have these fetched dynamically from your website, all of which is done via Google Merchant Centre.

Google Analytics - SEO

Keyword’s also differ vastly from an AdWords’ campaign, Google will analyse your Google Shopping listing and will self-optimise the ads based on the listing description, title, budget and other variables. This makes the process a lot more simplified in comparison to standard PPC AdWords Campaigns.

The Benefits of Google Shopping

Better Click Through Rate

Google Shopping ads are twice as likely to be clicked on as opposed to a traditional AdWords PPC ad. We’ve visibly seen our clients improve on their standard PPC campaigns with a Google Shopping campaign by as much as 50% on CTR success rates.

Higher Conversions

With Google Shopping your ads are being displayed directly to the consumer, they can view the product directly within Google’s search results. This gives the user much greater confidence when considering a purchase which is extremely important when purchasing online for any consumer. On average conversion rates are up to 30% higher on Google Shopping and Cost Per Click is also reduced by up to 20%.

Quality Leads

By having your product visible to the end user, the only real reason why they’ll click on your product is if they like what they see! This leaves out a lot of the guess work, with text-based ads, users would normally need to click on the ad to then see your product. Having the user click any Google Shopping ad means the quality of lead is vastly increased, meaning not only are they more likely to make a purchase but also become an ongoing customer.

Stand Out

If you’ve ever seen a Google based Shopping ad, you’ll know immediately they’re already standing out from the competition. Having your product image, a clear product title and being above standard listings puts your product in prime place for being clicked on before the others.

Bid Benchmarks & Enhanced CPC

With Bid Benchmarks you’re able to easily put a price on your CPC and Max CPC for your campaigns, this is because Google will measure your bids against similar competition helping you decide on the best budget for your campaign to compete with rivals.

Enhanced CPC helps you drive more conversions with manual bids, Google will automatically adjust bids based on if it thinks certain products are more likely or less likely to see conversions. This means you can utilise the power of Google to deem where to allocate spend, meaning you get higher conversions for the same budget.

Google Shopping Conversion Tracking

With Conversion Tracking you’re able to keep tabs on product performance, seeing how much revenue each product is generating within your campaign. This gives you a much greater insight in to how well your campaign is performing and the ability to separate revenue generated by different marketing avenues.

Automated Product Feeds

If you’ve setup an automated product feed from your e-commerce store to Google Merchant Centre, the feed will update the products every night, ensuring stock and inventory is kept up to date. This means you don’t need to worry about information on the product not matching up with what’s on your website, which removes a lot of the effort of having to keep re-updating and submitting your product feed manually through Google Merchant Centre. You can also configure the feed to automatically add new products which have been added to your website, saving hours by not having to manually input these.

Clear Mobile Visibility

According to Google, over 40% of online transactions were made from mobile devices in September 2017, this figure continues to rise monthly. With mobile steadily becoming the purchasing device for many e-commerce visits, ensuring your ads get seen on mobile is vital. Google Shopping ads really stand out on mobile devices, this helps drive the ever growing demand of users buying on mobile devices. Although to utilise this to its fullest, you will need to ensure your website is responsive for mobile devices.

Google Shopping or Google AdWords

Which one should you use? Google AdWords has long since been the primary PPC tool used by millions of businesses to get seen above their competition. Updates to AdWords released over the past couple of years has seen they’re also now more favourable, due to the nature of how they sit more naturally with regular organic listings. However with the advancements in Google Shopping, for e-commerce retailers it seems Google Shopping will be overtaking AdWords in the years to come.


Both Google Shopping and Adwords have their advantages. Google Shopping will certainly help sell products better than AdWords, so long as it’s set up correctly, while AdWords is still best suited for gaining overall website exposure.

Closing Comments

There’s no doubt 2019 will be a big year for Google Shopping and, if utilised correctly can help see great gains within your e-commerce store.

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